Avoiding Mosquitoes

Consider avoiding Mosquitoes

The female mosquito has a set of slender organs in the proboscis of their body that are adapted to puncturing the skin of animals and siphoning their blood. The following has not been legislated on by the Food and Drug Administration, but remember these are the guys that want to pasteurize almonds, but that is another story. And I have not yet been bought out by any of the large pharmaceutical companies. So, with that in mind; there are several of the naturalist group have found that with the consumption of modest amounts of garlic and vitamin B, one can avoid being punctured by mosquitoes. Recently a colleague, returning from a trip to Panama, reported that he received no bites, in spite of the fact that he was on a botany mission that permeated swampy terrain. Be sure to seek out a good organically grown garlic because you will also gain some beneficial side effects, such as maintaining a healthy immune and circulatory system and, at the same time maintain a normal cholesterol and triglyceride levels. A good source of vitamin B is rice bran. Keep in mind, Your Health Matters.