Fire Ant Control

Consider a two-step organic method to control Fire Ants

The first step is to drench the offending mounds with a combination of a gallon of compost tea, 2 ounces of Orange Oil and a tablespoon of liquid dish soap used as a drench will eliminate the majority of Fire Ants from the average size mound in one application. A couple of repeated applications and the population will be totally annihilated. To make compost tea, fill a container with one-third organic material, preferably a cow manure compost, which can be purchased at any garden center, but any good organic compost will serve the purpose. Brew this mixture for about 2 weeks, stirring it at least once a day or more often if possible. After 2 weeks strain the liquid through muslin or a pair of old panty hose and add the 2 ounces of Orange Oil and one tablespoon of dish soap to each gallon of “tea” to be used as a drench. Drenching works best in the spring and fall when the ants are most active. The second step is the application of Beneficial Nematodes. Beneficial Nematodes are predatory worms which use Fire Ant Larva, eggs and immature Fire Ants as host for their reproductive cycle. They are very prolific and will eliminate any Fire Ants not killed by drenching the Fire Ant mounds. Use this combination; you will find it effective and organically safe for you and the environment around you.